This is a complete walkthrough of the Operations. If information is incorrect, please contact Tom on the main game to fix them.

You can loose your health in some Ops! So for safety, always shoot the most bullets in the Op and make sure your health is full.

Op 1: Debt Collection
Op 2: Prison Break
Op 3: The Bosses Cut
Op 4: Package Deal
Op 5: Gun With A History
Op 6: Up In Smoke
Op: 7 Vehicle Contract
Op 8: Silent Witness
Op 9: Criminals Wanted
Op 10: Begovaya Ulitsa
Op 11: Turf War
Op 12: Diamond Heist
Op 13: Bank Job
Op 14: The Insider
Op 15: Corruption is Rife
Op 16: Double Cross
Op 17: The Hitlist
Op 18: Stock Broker